Accommodation in Nafplio Old Town, stay in the Heart of historic Nafplion at Althaia Pension!

About Althaia Nafplio

If you are looking to stay in Nafplio, right in the centre of the old city, Althaia Pension Guesthouse is located in one of Nafplio's Venetian style narrow streets just a stone's throw from Syntagma Square.

Some of the Activities the Area offers

Nafplio and the surrounding area offer a variety of different activities, take a look and find something that suits your idea of a holiday activity.
Learn something new or do something exciting!

Museums in Nafplio


The area has an amazing variety of museum to visit, in the town of Nafplio and in the surrounding areas. Some of the museums in Nafplio are the Archaeological Museum, the War Museum, the Worry-Bead Museum (Komboloi) and the Folklore Museum to name a few.

Horse Riding Argolida

Horse Riding

Are you an experienced rider or a beginner, no worries, horse riding is available in a few different sites in Argolida and is an activity suite for all ages. Visit the villages in the area and see a different side of Greece's nature.

Nemea Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Nemea has been a world reknowned wine producer since ancient times. The area is famous for the quality of wine produced and there are many wineries in the area, all offering wine tasting and tours of their cellars and of course the beautiful vineyards.

4x4 Peloponnese

4 x 4

Embark on an adventure and see a wilder side of Greece, drive through mountains, hills and see the nature of Greece in a different light. You could even visit archaeological sites on your 4x4 journey through the Peloponnese.

One Day Cruises


During the summer months one-day cruises are available from Tolo, Visit popular islands that are close to the Peloponnese, sucha as Hydra, Spetses, Poros etc or take a night cruise from Nafplio to Tolo and back and a enjoy a night ride with a refreshing sea breeze.

Cooking Lessons
Nafplio area

Greek Cuisine Lessons

Want to learn more about Greek food and Greek cuisine in general? Take lesson from a traditional Greek housewife and learn how to create your favourite Greek dishes. Have fun learning and taste what you made.

Nafplio Ouzo Tasting

Ouzo Tasting

Visit a local Ouzo producer in Nafplio and visit the Ouzo Museum, see how the process of distillation has evolved for this Greek spirit through the years. Also see the process for other liqueurs experience Greek tastes.

Cycling in Nafplio


Try cycling, either with your bike or rent one and ride through Nafplio or visit the nearby villages and witness the Greek countryside in a way much different than a car, go places a car could never go!

Water Sports Nafplio

Water Sports

Water sports are available in a number of different beaches in the area. Karathona is the closest to the town of Nafplio and offers a variety of different activities like ringo, water ski, wakeboarding, canoes and pedaloes. Enjoy your stay in Greece and hava fun at the beach!

Rock Climbing in Nafplio

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Nafplio is quite popular with a great spot where many enthusiasts gather and where harnesses and cleets are already in place. Although there are many other places around the Argolida as ideal this is located around 20-25 minutes from the centre of town

Rafting Peloponnese
Central Peloponnese


Interested in something more extreme? Visit the Lousios gorge in central Peloponnese and try rafting. Flow through a wonderful scenery of Greek nature unfolding in front of you and your friends. Available for beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Kite Surfing in Kios
Nea Kios

Kite Surfing

Just a few minutes from Nafplio, in Nea Kios, Kite Surfing is available, οffering equipment and lessons to beginners and also a great meeting place for more experienced surfers. Surf on the Argolic Gulf with a view of Nafplio.

Scuba Diving Argolida
Nafplio | Tolo

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is available in Nafplio and in Tolo, and it's a great way to spend some time with friends. Try diving and explore the world beneath the surfuce of the sea. Some places even offer lessons and you become a certified diver.